Our song must be heard...our voices must be raised...and our impact must be felt! 




Our Mission


Singers With A Goal

SWAG the vocal ensemble was founded in February 2013. The SWAG Foundation as a 501c(3), non-profit came into existence in January 2018 by Mike Sese, Sanford Smith, & Jeff Benson, after discovering a need to change the narrative and to consider current problems with underserved, underrepresented communities of color (elderly & youth), social justice, war, racism, immigration, mass incarceration, religion, LGBTQIA & Queer homophobia, and national discourse. The SWAG Foundations mission is to build a global social justice movement to end these atrocities while working to eliminate the racial inequities in our own communities and around the globe. There is a need for intersecting policies that are equally multidimensional in ending systematic racism and homophobia in school and work.

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